How To: Play craps and understand the lingo

Frank Scoblete discusses: What is craps? What are the overall odds in craps? Do certain bets on the craps table have better odds than others? Who is the shooter? What is the point? What are the pass and don't pass lines? What is the come line? What is the don't come line? What is the come out roll? Once the shooter has his point how long does he roll? What is the most basic betting strategy in craps? What is the "odds bet" or "backing up" my pass line bet? Is there a limit to how much I can "...

How To: Cheat at dice rolling

Using a short roll, Jigga shows you how to roll dice for the outcome you want. This method can be used when playing craps or other dice rolling games. Cheating at dice is not recommended. It can cause problems with the people you are playing with. But if you want to take the risk, check out this how to video and you will learn how to "set the dice," or cheat at rolling dice.

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